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Tracking Dog Title !

We are so pleased that our Esme (NRUBISS Ch Mikozi Deja Vu (AI) ET) passed her TD3 to achieve her "Tracking Dog" title. Click here for more info ....
On 10 August 2013 we travelled to Monarto, South Australia where Esme sat her "TD3" (test 3), involving tracking an unknown person over at least 800 metres, with two turns, and at least a 30 minute delayed start.

In rather dry conditions, we were thrilled that Esme found both articles, and the tracklayer, to pass this test, and achieve her "Tracking Dog" title.

Esme will now be known as NRUBISS Ch Mikozi Deja Vu (AI) ET TD .... we believe she is the first National winner (BIS or RUBIS) to achieve this Title!